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What is MobioTV?

Our service offers the best streaming quality straight to your device. Our customers proudly enjoy the world’s most amazing experience while watching our channels and videos on demand. We offer personalization and user library to customize personal accounts. Nothing beats having our own touch when it comes to personal experience.

What do I receive with MobioTV?

An instant access to many premium channels based on your location with the best mobile experience. You can access our platform from any device once connected to the internet. Bookmark your favorite TV series, movies and video on demands to enjoy watching with family and friends.


What kind of videos and channels does MobioTV offers?

MobioTV offers a unique mobile experience that showcases the best and latest streaming TV and on-demand video content. Our video service gives you unlimited access to high-quality videos live and VOD.

What do I do if a channel is not working or is unavailable?

Check your internet connection. You must be connected to the internet to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. Alternatively, you can try refreshing the service. If you still face troubleshooting issues, please get in touch with our Customer Care Team.

How often are new channels added?

We regularly spruce up our portfolio so there is always something new for you to watch and enjoy. Our up-to-the-minute updates ensure you never miss out on the latest in global entertainment. You will receive alerts when your favourite channels have something new on offer and when new channels are showcased on MobioTV.


How did i get subscribed to MobioTV?

By coming across one of our promotional pages and click on the subscribe button. We confirm your enrolment to our services by sending you an SMS message to your mobile phone.

Is there a charge for using MobioTV?

You are charged the rate that is mentioned on the promotional page that you visited when you subscribed to the service. You can also find it in the welcome message you received upon subscribing and in the monthly SMS reminder you receive from us.

Customer Service

How do I reach out to Customer Care?

Our dedicated Customer Care Team will be happy to answer all your questions and solve any issues. You can email us support@game-lords.com or use the Contact Us form.